Monday, December 24

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!! I just wanted to stop by and wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year. I unfortunately don't have much time for blogging nowadays with work and my own business but just wanted to acknowledge everyone who has supported me during this exciting year!
This festive season has been so different from last year's I barely had time to get the Christmas tree up let alone decorate and bake! But I have managed to get the Christmas shopping done and wrapped and deliver all my pre-Christmas photography clients their finished photo's - phew, I was cutting it fine but I'm glad they are all on their way and will arrive before the 25th! I hope my lovely families have a magical Christmas, I have just adored meeting them all!
A favourite recent session :)
These past three months in business have taught me a much I value my own family time and therefore how many clients I want to take on each month, what kinds of sessions I like best, what has worked and what hasn't...I will be preparing for my 2013 year in business over the break and look forward to another great year. Happy families, glowing expectant mother's, tiny newborn babes...just precious!
 I have been living and breathing my business but outside of that we do have a cute new addition to the family! My parent's have a sweet little Sheltie puppy they named Cooper, he is much bigger than this now but is such a nice addition to the family. We are looking forward to spending Christmas Day with him and my family, I'm sure he'll be ripping madly into all the wrapping paper, he is a wild child! ;)
 So that's just a little update from me, I hope you are all well and enjoying the festive season, sending lots of love and warm wishes to all corners of the globe for a happy and peaceful Christmas and I'll make sure I pop in again in the New Year!
xo K

Tuesday, October 23

Just Dropping In... say hello!
Things are mad and crazy at the moment, all due to the new business going so well, I even have a little ad up with the lovely Kiwi blog 'Made From Scratch' and have been attracting a lot of word of mouth business from my clients too which is really the best compliment I could get!
The weather here at the moment is pretty wet and windy with a few nice sunny days thrown in the mix, not the best for arranging outdoor photo sessions but I squeezed one in last Sunday evening with one of my lovely maternity clients. We had such a lovely session at the beach.
I posted a sneak peek on my Facebook page the other day but here are a few from the shoot in case you haven't seen them...

Such a beautiful Mum-to-be and I loved the sun-hat!
This weekend I had a Family session and a Newborn session, they both went really well, more from those over on the Facebook page and hopefully up on my website blog and portfolio when I have a bit more time!
The photography business is really taking up most of my spare moments, even when I have just one shoot a week I have to edit the images most nights after work. So it's lots of late nights and trying not to wake my husband up who leaves for work before 7am - luckily he hasn't complained...yet! ;)
But it's all good, November is looking busy and I even have my first bookings for December and January. It's definitely going to be a juggling act so hopefully next year I am busy enough to cut back on my office hours, we'll see...
Anyway, I hope you are all well, I will try and check in with your blogs and say hello soon!
xo K

Thursday, September 27

Back from Holiday and my Business Launch!

Hi girls, it's so nice to be back here and feeling refreshed from our holiday!

We really enjoyed our little break and are ready to power on for the rest of the year. Our week off was relaxing but also very productive, it's amazing what you can do when you don't have to be at the office all day!

First and foremost I officially launched my business - Kirsty Mckay Photography now has a fully functional Facebook page and website, it's so exciting! I have had lots of great feedback and interest in sessions so I couldn't be happier!!

I also have a banner ad and directory listing up with the beautiful blog Made From Scratch and I'm so honoured to be working with Rachael and supporting her lovely small business. This is the ad you might see on her latest blog posts, eek!

You might also notice the new images in my banner ad, I made the time for two gorgeous photo shoots on my week off as well as finalising my website and I will be posting these sessions on the new blog section of my photography website soon. I can't wait to show you, so make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed through the Subscribe option on my website or add my site to your favourites if you'd like to keep up to date with my sessions!

There are some beautiful shoots coming up in October and I feel so blessed for all the support I've been given from friends, family and clients.

Last week my husband and I also invested in a few business expenses, I bought myself an amazing Canon L-series zoom lens that I had been desperately wanting for family sessions and saving up for and my hubby went and got himself a new camera. It's great since I really needed a back up camera body to take to photoshoots in the event that mine malfunctions (which is rare but can happen!) so we now have two similar camera's for business use and also it gives him something to play with when I drag him along to weekend location scouting sessions or when I need his help at a shoot as an assistant - win, win! 

Speaking of which here is a little peek at what location scouting looks like, we both took our camera's and got some snaps of us both in action which was a lot of fun! :)

My commercial shoot had a cherry blossom grove for a backdrop, so pretty, we made sure we scoped it out he day before...

Love the colours and textures...

Practicing daytime silhouettes in doorways... 

Love this, go hubby!

We visited the Auckland Domain and Museum too, how gorgeous is the light reflecting on these pillars?!

Perfect portrait lighting, with the white walls acting as reflectors from all sides...

 Love this shot of my hubby...

So we really did have a wonderful week off, I also got to photograph my favourite little girl, our gorgeous niece! We headed out in the late afternoon to catch the beautiful golden light at the end of the day, I love this one...

I'll be posting this cute session to the website blog when I 
have the time too :)

I hope you have all been happy and well and are enjoying Spring or Fall. It's getting much warmer here and we have daylight savings on Sunday which will mean lighter evenings and for me that always makes it feel like Summer!

Chat to you all soon and let me know what you think of the website, it was quite a labour of love and I'm glad it's completed and looks just how I envisioned it.

If you are on Facebook I'd love you to become a Facebook fan too so we can keep in touch that way, I am on my photography page quite regularly and would love to hear from you whether you're interested in working together or just want to say hi! :) 

Have a great week!

xo K 

Friday, September 14

Spring Holiday

TGIF! So happy it's Friday and it's a gorgeous Spring day here in NZ!
Sorry for the lack of posting, this week has been crazy busy, my husband and I are taking a much needed week-long break from our office jobs next week and so of course we had a lot of work to do to tie up all our lose ends before we could go (isn't it funny how everyone around you panics when you want some time off!) but now I'm counting down the hours till 5 o'clock and the start of our mini-holiday!

Although it's Spring and the world is coming beautifully alive again after the winter we are both feeling pretty tired. It's been a big year so far, work is busy, my husband has been working late into the night quite often, I'm working hard on my photography and business skills and we need a little break before the final run up to Christmas, which is always crazy and hectic at my office!
During our week off we are hoping for a little head space, a few sleeps ins, long lunches, and walks with the dogs at the beach. I also have three lovely photoshoots in the pipeline that I will try and fit in if the weather is for a children's special occasion clothing company and I have dreamed up such a great shoot, we are just waiting for the outfits to be completed and to finalise the location but if it comes together as I am imagining it's going to be just beautiful!

 It's interesting that I am definitely finding it hard to be creative when my head is full of everyday 'stuff' (outstanding projects at the office etc) but knowing I had this week off has enabled me to let ideas flow much more easily and I'm excited to do these shoots and create something special and actually be able to give them the time they deserve.

 How are you all feeling about Spring?? I'm hoping to come back from this week off feeling much more energised and excited about everything I want to accomplish before the end of the year!
Have a wonderful Friday, enjoy your weekend and I will be back with some pretty Spring photoshoots as soon as I can!
xo K

Images via Pinterest

Monday, September 3

The Inspirational Benjamin Dhong

Happy Monday I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The rain has set in here again but I'm sure it won't be long before the blue skies are back.

Today I have a beautiful home to share with you all and it was introduced to me by none other than the fabulous designer himself, Mr Benjamin Dhong!

It was a complete honour to have him e-mail me the other week with some great images from his latest project, which currently features in the latest American Home Beautiful magazine. He is my favourite designer and I know his work has really resonated with a lot of my readers too so I'm so pleased to share his work with you again.

This latest project in his own words is "his best work ever" and he is rightly proud of what he and his team have achieved. This project is fresh, dramatic and unexpected while maintaining such elegance and Benjamin's trademark incredible use of colour and texture.

Ben told me that his client thought he wanted an ultra modern home but after consulting with Ben (who took note of his classic style, bespoke suits and Aston Martin in the garage) he decided this dramatic and elegant home would be much more suited to his style! 

The end result certainly has that Benjamin Wow factor, take a look...

Such a stunning home, I can't wait to see what Ben's next project will be! 

For more of Ben's work check out his gorgeous website here and if you go to the blogs page on his site you will even see a link to Coral and Coast and my last post on Ben's work, such an honour.

Have a wonderful week!

xo K


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