Monday, July 18

Weekend Dining

What a lovely weekend we just had, filled with much needed pampering and fine dining, just the way I like it ;)
My usual weekends start slowly with a bit of a sleep in before tackling the inevitable household chores, but this particular Saturday was a little different, starting with an early morning trip to the hair salon! I decided I was sick of my old look and wanted something different both colour and cut-wise. So I went from a light blonde, long layered cut to a honey blonde, angled bob (kinda like a cross between Victoria Beckham's crop and Jen Aniston's new 'do)...

Then it was time for our much anticipated Saturday night dinner and I got to debut my brand new haircut when the Mr and I headed out to Prohibition Restaurant! We had a great night soaking up the 1920s vibe and enjoying the live jazz. 

We even ended up ordering almost exactly the same meal (which never happens!) we both had the Cured Salmon to start (house cured Akaroa salmon with pickled vegetables served with dill sour cream - lovely and refreshing!) then we both went for the Beef Eye Fillet (with boulangerie potato, spinach and Wellington pastry - the eye fillet was incredible and I'm not normally a steak kind of girl!). We were so full by then that it was hard to choose between all the lovely desserts but I was determined to try one of them so went for the Apple Tarte Tatin (traditional apple tatin served with creme fraiche, cinnamon ice cream, spun sugar and caramel sauce - OMG that was delicious!) while the Mr had a selection of ice creams and sorbets. We finished off our meal with two great coffees and definitely felt like we needed a lie down after all the food!
Apple Tarte Tatin = heaven on a plate
Putting the food aside for a moment (tough, I know!) I will say that I'd definitely recommend Prohibition for anyone looking for a venue in Auckland that's a little bit different! The waiters greet you by name as you arrive and are dressed to theme, you are ushered through the cloak room area and into the cosy dining room complete with dumb-waiter where your meal is pulleyed down from the upstairs kitchen! It seems that every little detail has been thought of, the drinking glasses are made from heavy lead crystal and the interior wood panelling and lead light pendants over the tables have been made to spec for the restaurant in true '20s style. It was an experience for sure!

After we recovered from our decadent dinner the rest of our weekend was pretty low key, we visited our sweet baby niece and chilled out at home enjoying the sunshine...that sun is miraculously still shining right now outside my window, though it's still pretty brisk outside! But it's reminding me that it's only 7 weeks till Spring comes around!!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

xo K

Friday, July 15

Flower Power

Thanks to Sarah over at A Beach Cottage for posting these beautiful photos of some of her charming beach cottage arrangements this cold and rainy Friday morning! There is nothing like a beautiful bunch of flowers to cheer a girl up! I pick up a few cheap and cheerful bunches of flowers each week when we do our shopping and find they really help to liven things up inside when it's dark and gloomy out!

Enjoy! :)

xo K

Tuesday, July 12

Winter Update

Wow, I haven't been here on Blogger for awhile! With the glitches and problems it was having and an often temperamental computer at home I needed a bit of a break, but I'm back! :)

As the title of this post suggests we are right in the middle of winter here in the southern hemisphere. While it's definitely not my favourite season, winter has been pretty mild for us in the north of the country so far and snow has only just been falling the the southern ski fields! I had been dreaming about a winter wonderland getaway in the ski capital of NZ - Queenstown - this year but that may be on hold for now since there is barely any snow to play in! Though I  think Queenstown is beautiful in any season...

Dreamy right?!

There have been a few little changes going on for us here - not so much to our home since we tend to put renovations on hold during the winter - we learnt the hard way last year that paint just doesn't dry in our damp, rainy NZ winters!
So, the updates:
  • Our living room is pretty much done and I still really need to photograph how it all went down! I still have new wood flooring and beachy area rugs on the agenda which I am hoping to get installed in the spring, but I'm really happy with how it's turned out so far and I'm still debating on a new light fitting in the centre of the room but otherwise pretty happy...for now! ;)
  • We have gone and gotten ourselves a brand new and super-fast computer, so blogging, photo editing etc should be miles more pleasant now! The Mr has been obsessed with the new machine ever since it arrived ;) 
  • Exciting news is that the Mr has recently been headhunted for a great new job! Unfortunately it's located outside of the city so will require lots of driving and necessitates buying a new car (we don't trust our old Nissan for the long km's he'll be putting in) which means less budget for renovating this spring BUT it's going to be a good long term career move for him and we'll definitely keep chugging along doing up the house bit by bit. You can't keep a good woman (or man) down right?! :)
  • The BIG upside of needing a new car is that we're able to use the proceeds from the sale of the old one to pay for the new floors I'm dying to put in! I'm thinking light honey toned wood floors from the entry way to the living areas right down the hallway and then sisal or wool carpets in the three bedrooms. We'll then be tiling all the wet areas - I can't wait!
  • I've also been thinking a lot about fixing up our laundry room in the next few months. It's a functional but pretty dull space right now and I've found a beautiful inspiration picture that I'm going to base the new look laundry on! Here's a peek at the laundry room now...

Functional and dull as ditchwater...

...and hopefully we'll have something stunning and similar to this after!
  • And finally I'm super excited for this weekend! I'm taking the Mr out to dinner on Saturday night to celebrate his new job and we're going to Prohibition, which is an authentic 1920s style restaurant with an awesome live jazz band. The food and decor is meant to be AH-mazing and a real must-do experience in our city, so I'm really excited (I'll let you know what it's like in case any of you ever visit my part of the world)!

Prohibition Exterior

The custom 1920s style Dining room!
Well, that's us for now, I will take some pictures this weekend! Hope you're all well!

xo K


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