Wednesday, August 31

Tropical in Takapuna

This spectacular Takapuna beach house was orignally designed in the 80’s and recently redesigned by Godward Guthrie Architects in order to make the home more suitable for modern living..."the project required stripping the house back to it's structural shell and modifying the spaces within to create a much stronger connection between the inside and outside and upper and lower levels of the home. Minimalistic in design with a simple palette of white and bleached timber provides a casual beach-living quality, complimenting the owners eclectic furnishings and art". 

I think you'll agree, the architects have done a fabulous job on this truly stunning  beachside home...

The resort style pool area...

What a perfect spot for entertaining!

Views out to Takapuna Beach and Rangitoto Island

I die for the wood floors!!

Marble countertops...

A view to die for!!

I love the colonial style bed!


Lovely Takapuna Beach, Auckland, NZ
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xo K

Tuesday, August 30

Spring Fever!

We are mere days away from Spring here down-under and I can't wait to get started on our renovations again! We tend to have a little hiatus during Winter and get going with a hiss and roar once September rolls around!

Spring is definitely one of my favourite times of year. I love watching the garden come alive and seeing all the new growth on our trees and shrubs. It's a revelation to be able to wear a t-shirt outdoors after months of damp, cold weather!

A favourite clifftop walk near our home in bloom...
I have a pretty big to-do list this Spring but I think by the end of summer we will be done with most of it, which will leave us with just the bathroom and toilet reno to do in 2012. I can't believe our house will be finished that soon, although are they ever really 'finished'?? 

For now, new flooring is our number one priority. We are going for a mix of engineered wood, carpet and ceramic tile in our home. We currently have a NZ wool carpet that is atleast 5 years old and wearing out in places (and chewed in others thanks to our lovely Golden Retriever!). We also have an engineered-wood kitchen and wood-effect lino in wet areas. Our plan for the reno is to put down a light-toned engineered-wood floor throughout our entryway, lounge, dining room, kitchen and hallway, with a neutral sisal-look carpet in the three bedrooms. The laundry room (and eventually the bathroom and toilet) will all be tiled. At this stage we will be keeping colours neutral and I am loving the 'white oak' flooring that I've seen online so far, so hopefully I can find some at the right price. It's a beautiful colour...
Beautiful pale flooring sets the beach-house scene...

...and it looks just as lovely under artificial lighting.
I plan to buy a couple of area rugs for our dining and living rooms to keep things cosy for us and the dogs! I'd like something a little colourful in the lounge (maybe in blues and greens?)paired with a neutral seagrass rug under the dining table. I can't wait for it to all be finished! I think the new floors are going to look great with our off-white and blue painted walls!

And I have to admit, in the spirit of overexcitement I have gone and bought some new items for our soon to be completed living areas! I honestly hadn't bought anything for the house in a couple of months and after considering how I want our home to look I decided that some of our lighting needed replacing to keep with out beachy theme (my husband won't be thrilled, he is my go-to electrician!) ;)

The old lighting, while perfectly okay, was bought as a stop-gap, pre-renovation and since I'm a girl who can't resist pretty lighting at the best of times here are my three new lighting buys that should arrive later this week (they are available in New Zealand from and

Mara Pendant 500mm
A simple fabric pendant ideal over a dining table.

Barbados Pendant 350mm
A smaller rattan shade that makes a statement!

Vicki Pendant 500mm
A unique metal cut-out design to bring a touch of elegance to any room.
I can see this looking amazing in a bedroom, bathroom or living room!
I really love them all! I'm going to have to play around to decide the best place for them but I'm thinking hallway, lounge and dining room at this stage, I'm just not sure what goes where, but that's half the fun!

I do have more ideas for the living spaces too...I'd love to replace our wooden dining chairs (shown below) at some stage...

...perhaps with some fun, white chairs for a more modern look...
Courtesy of Home Beautiful

But first things first! We start our long awaited wood flooring hunt on Friday and I have all fingers crossed we find what we're looking for pretty fast! I'll keep you posted...

xo K


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