Tuesday, September 27

Summer Lovin'

With this past Sunday being the very first day of daylight savings here in NZ, it's beginning to feel a lot like summer! Even though our mornings are still chilly, the nights are warm and light filled until atleast 7pm.

It had been quite a few months since we'd eaten dinner in daylight, so last nights meal was lovely with the warm rays streaming into our dining room - it felt like a special treat!

And with the arrival of longer daylight hours and lots of little home improvements going on at our place just in time for summer entertaining, I'm in the mood for some pretty summer inspiration! I hope you enjoy, whether your summer has just ended or is about to begin...

Inspiring coastal homes...

Outdoor dining...

Ocean breezing...


Homemade lemonade...

Fresh seafood...

Fresh-picked strawberries...

Watermelon eating...

Blue sky, beach days...

...and doggy paddling!!

I can't wait for it all to begin!!  
xo K

Images via Pinterest

Thursday, September 22

Modern Boat House

This chic modern home was designed by NZ architect Jack McKinney. The brief was interestingly to create a "house like a boat shed"! Luckily the clients had worked with Jack previously so he knew they were thinking more along the lines of a modern masterpiece than a rustic old shack (thank goodness for that!).  

While the building has the exterior shape of a boat shed and pale, bleached oak floors paired with copious louvre windows there is an overall feeling of glamour that manages to look right at home in this unique property!

The homes furniture and fittings are almost entirely white, black or stainless steel so that the floor to ceiling windows can take centre stage, showing off a view to Rangitoto Island. Several furnished deck areas, one off a main bathroom, add to the beachy vibe.

Described by the owners as 'the best house they have lived in' this modern, coastal home is a show stopper...

The 'Boat Shed''!
I could just chill in this living room all day!

The mezzanine floor has a view to Rangitoto Island
An appropriate galley kitchen

A bathroom with a view!

The architectural staircase

It's nice to see something different from the norm when it comes to beach houses, I'm not usually a fan of modern minimalism but it really works in this home, it's stylish and simple while still looking inviting and comfortable. And how amazing is all the oversized lighting?! Loving it.

xo K

Images courtesy of Resene

Wednesday, September 21

They've Arrived!

I got a call today from the Tile Warehouse to tell us the entryway and laundry room tiles we ordered had arrived in the store!

The large format 450mm tiles we chose are called 'Sienna Almond' - I found a picture of them posted online but they look way nicer in person! But it works to give you some idea of how they will look with the paint colour we chose for the laundry room (yep, we went with the lovely Resene Cut Glass)...


I love this kind of sandy, beachy colour combo! So pretty!
So, according to my helpful DIY Dad (whose averting disaster by helping us with our very first tiling attempt!) the tiles should be laid, grouted and ready to walk on by the end of the weekend, so that means I'll be painting that beautiful fresh blue-green on the walls next week in time for a reveal in two or three weeks time! This is one project I've wanted to tackle for awhile and I can't wait to show you the before and after. 
Woop! Don't you just love DIY?!

 So, what project is everyone else working on this week? Anything fun?  

xo K

Monday, September 19

Wool Sisal from 'Wall to Wall'

Well, what an interesting couple of weeks we've had while trying to make a decision on our wood flooring! Things have come a full 180 degrees so let me tell you where we're at now (sorry, it's long)...

As you probably know, I was dying to have beachy, pet-friendly engineered white oak wood floors put in our living areas, kitchen and hallway. To begin with we thought how hard could it be to install ourselves?? It is specified as a DIY project to anyone with decent wood working skills so we thought it would be something we could do - with a little help on any tricky areas - however after speaking with a Carpet Court flooring salesman and the flooring manufacturers themselves we came to the realisation that laying a floor like this requires plenty of prep for a long lasting finish and to be honest a lot more destruction than we were required to take on (removal of baseboards on our freshly painted walls etc). The risk of damaging our walls was haunting me and the ever escalating quotes for installation including a whopping $800 or so for floor prep well and truly scared me off!

As awesome as wood floors would be, the price of getting them is kinda crazy for our first house/reno project. So we had to pass on them. I am however determined our next house will have solid wood floors OR it'll be the first thing we do before we move in!

So having hit a brick wall with my beautiful wood floors we had to come up with an alternative, budget friendly option that we could still be somewhat happy with. Carpeting and tiles are the obvious choice. Not my first choice but hey, we just had to make it work. Our current 7+ year old wool Berber has seen far better days and looks a mess so it had to go.

Enter our local Carpet One franchisee. They came out to our home to measure and quote us on the carpet of our dreams (or as close as carpet can be in my books!) and we decided on a neutral sandy coloured 100% wool sisal carpet (I realised I am NOT a cut-pile girl - at all!) so loop-pile sisal-look wool is the go, for it's warmth and superior extra heavy duty rating - important with two boisterous young dogs running all over it! We know that the mud is going to get on it in winter and the odd spill is bound to happen but we will get the carpet steam cleaned twice a year and do our best to keep it looking good (can you tell I'm trying to convince myself here! I'm nervous about getting a new carpet. And the two dogs being on it. Especially next Winter, muddy paws and all), but I'm coming around to be excited about it. Them's the breaks and it'll be a visual improvement on what we have now. It'll be warm and cosy in winter while still having a natural fibre look to it.

Here is an image of a wool-sisal carpet so you get the general idea how it'll look, ours is slightly lighter in colour and more two toned up close...

Courtesy of http://www.stylecourt.blogspot.com/

It's pretty right? Just not what I had imagined...but I'll get over it I'm sure! ;)

So, once we'd finally chosen the carpet for the living areas, hall and bedrooms we headed off to the Tile Warehouse to find some entryway and laundry room tiles as that job is next on the list. We found some really pretty 450mm light almond coloured tiles with a textured stone look to them - totally gorg and beachy! They will really brighten up the laundry and I'm excited to see them in there. We're going to be laying them this weekend so I'll post a before and after.  

Ooh and the laundry paint colour has been chosen too and the plasterers are coming in this week to tidy up the walls and ceiling, so there'll be more on the laundry room reno coming very soon. A lot is going on the the moment so I will try and remember to take pictures so you can see how we're doing! Cross your fingers for us it all goes smoothly from now on!  

xo K

Tuesday, September 13

Home Beautiful

I just wanted to share this shout out to my favourite mag - Australian 'Home Beautiful'  - yes, us Kiwi's love it too!! ;) 
This beautiful coastal home is from the latest issue! To see more images be sure to check it out over on Kerri's wonderful blog Driftwood Interiors...

A sneak peek!
Courtesy of Home Beautiful
Link: driftwood interiors: Palm Beach beauty
xo K

Friday, September 9

Elegant in the Hamptons

How beautiful is this elegant Hamptons home? It has all the elements I love about a coastal home, it's light, bright and airy with amazing views and a refined simplicity all in one stunning package. I hope you enjoy!

So beautiful! If I'm ever lucky enough to build my own home this is definitely the style I would go with, it doesn't get much better!

xo K

Images courtesy of The Enchanted Home

Thursday, September 8

Resort Living at Home

I came across this great resort-style home on Style at Home and had to share!
I love the freshness of the colour palette that's been used in this house, it just screams holiday to me and it gives me some great new ideas for our house.

Let's take a look...

I love having a deck area for outdoor entertaining, I bet
this one has an amazing view!

Love this fresh tablescape!

The perfect reading nook!

More fun splashes of zesty green...

Wouldn't you love to spend a relaxing weekend at this lovely home? I'm not usually a huge fan of greens, but I do love the citrus tone that's been used by the designer here. It's perfect for that outdoorsy holiday look. I must find myself some green accessories for the living room this summer! :)

xo K


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