Monday, April 16

Puppy Dog Tales

Happy Monday girls, I hope you had a fantastic weekend! We had lots of sunshine here which is always nice and unexpected this time of year. I just wanted to post something cute to brighten the day, getting up on Monday mornings is always an epic struggle for me, so anything helps! ;)

I caught my dogs playing silly games with each other  last weekend while I was photographing some other stuff around the house and I captured them 'in action' playing a little give and take or more like take and take! Nala (our Retriever) has the most expressive face, you really can tell what she's thinking, they're so funny together check out my two crazy critters...

Hehe, how funny are my two fur kids?! They can put a smile on my face anyday of the week! :)

Have a great Monday everyone!!

For those of you wanting to check out all of my final Picnic Photoshoot images you can check out and follow my online gallery here. Hopefully I'll have my own website up and running by the New Zealand summer but this is it for now! Thanks again for all your kind words about my photography, it means a lot to me :)

xo K


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