Wednesday, May 2

In the Pink

Happy Wednesday, I hope the week's treating you well! I'm feeling so much better today, being sick definitely makes you appreciate how much energy you usually have to get things done!

I'm usually the energiser bunny that just keeps going, but since I've been sick twice this year already I've promised my hubby that I will be taking better care of myself this winter (I really will try anyway) but it's hard when there's just so much to do!

Anyway, I hope all my Southern Hemisphere girls are keeping warm, it's been a wee bit chilly this week, Winter is really on it's way! I try very, very hard to ignore this fact every year, I really don't like all. Cold, wet and dark - yuck. Really not my kind of weather. The other seasons are fine, just not this one!

In order to combat my early winter blues I noticed I have been saving and 'pinning' (on Pinterest) a lot of pink images lately, yes, pink! I haven't had pink in my home since I was a little girl when I had white and pink Laura Ashley wallpaper in my bedroom, but this week I even went out and got some pink flowers for the living room, just to visually warm things up!

Then I thought why not share the pink love and show you some of my favourite pink images, starting with this week's flowers, I buy a bunch every week with the shopping, just the cheap and cheerful kind and this week these were the ones...

And I've been pinning all shades of pink lately, from pale blushes and mauves, to corals, roses and fuchsia's. It's such a fun and feminine sort of colour, whimsical and elegant and really quite lovely and 'grown up' when it's used in the right way...hello eye candy!

Are you into pinks or do you run a mile like I used to? I really like it as an accent colour for the cooler seasons, it's a little more unexpected than the burnt oranges and mustard yellows I'm seeing everywhere that really do nothing for me and it adds a touch of femininity to neutral spaces.

Yep, it's official I'm definitely loving it in small doses right now, just don't tell my husband! ;)

Chat soon lovelies...

xo K


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