Thursday, September 27

Back from Holiday and my Business Launch!

Hi girls, it's so nice to be back here and feeling refreshed from our holiday!

We really enjoyed our little break and are ready to power on for the rest of the year. Our week off was relaxing but also very productive, it's amazing what you can do when you don't have to be at the office all day!

First and foremost I officially launched my business - Kirsty Mckay Photography now has a fully functional Facebook page and website, it's so exciting! I have had lots of great feedback and interest in sessions so I couldn't be happier!!

I also have a banner ad and directory listing up with the beautiful blog Made From Scratch and I'm so honoured to be working with Rachael and supporting her lovely small business. This is the ad you might see on her latest blog posts, eek!

You might also notice the new images in my banner ad, I made the time for two gorgeous photo shoots on my week off as well as finalising my website and I will be posting these sessions on the new blog section of my photography website soon. I can't wait to show you, so make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed through the Subscribe option on my website or add my site to your favourites if you'd like to keep up to date with my sessions!

There are some beautiful shoots coming up in October and I feel so blessed for all the support I've been given from friends, family and clients.

Last week my husband and I also invested in a few business expenses, I bought myself an amazing Canon L-series zoom lens that I had been desperately wanting for family sessions and saving up for and my hubby went and got himself a new camera. It's great since I really needed a back up camera body to take to photoshoots in the event that mine malfunctions (which is rare but can happen!) so we now have two similar camera's for business use and also it gives him something to play with when I drag him along to weekend location scouting sessions or when I need his help at a shoot as an assistant - win, win! 

Speaking of which here is a little peek at what location scouting looks like, we both took our camera's and got some snaps of us both in action which was a lot of fun! :)

My commercial shoot had a cherry blossom grove for a backdrop, so pretty, we made sure we scoped it out he day before...

Love the colours and textures...

Practicing daytime silhouettes in doorways... 

Love this, go hubby!

We visited the Auckland Domain and Museum too, how gorgeous is the light reflecting on these pillars?!

Perfect portrait lighting, with the white walls acting as reflectors from all sides...

 Love this shot of my hubby...

So we really did have a wonderful week off, I also got to photograph my favourite little girl, our gorgeous niece! We headed out in the late afternoon to catch the beautiful golden light at the end of the day, I love this one...

I'll be posting this cute session to the website blog when I 
have the time too :)

I hope you have all been happy and well and are enjoying Spring or Fall. It's getting much warmer here and we have daylight savings on Sunday which will mean lighter evenings and for me that always makes it feel like Summer!

Chat to you all soon and let me know what you think of the website, it was quite a labour of love and I'm glad it's completed and looks just how I envisioned it.

If you are on Facebook I'd love you to become a Facebook fan too so we can keep in touch that way, I am on my photography page quite regularly and would love to hear from you whether you're interested in working together or just want to say hi! :) 

Have a great week!

xo K 


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