Friday, September 14

Spring Holiday

TGIF! So happy it's Friday and it's a gorgeous Spring day here in NZ!
Sorry for the lack of posting, this week has been crazy busy, my husband and I are taking a much needed week-long break from our office jobs next week and so of course we had a lot of work to do to tie up all our lose ends before we could go (isn't it funny how everyone around you panics when you want some time off!) but now I'm counting down the hours till 5 o'clock and the start of our mini-holiday!

Although it's Spring and the world is coming beautifully alive again after the winter we are both feeling pretty tired. It's been a big year so far, work is busy, my husband has been working late into the night quite often, I'm working hard on my photography and business skills and we need a little break before the final run up to Christmas, which is always crazy and hectic at my office!
During our week off we are hoping for a little head space, a few sleeps ins, long lunches, and walks with the dogs at the beach. I also have three lovely photoshoots in the pipeline that I will try and fit in if the weather is for a children's special occasion clothing company and I have dreamed up such a great shoot, we are just waiting for the outfits to be completed and to finalise the location but if it comes together as I am imagining it's going to be just beautiful!

 It's interesting that I am definitely finding it hard to be creative when my head is full of everyday 'stuff' (outstanding projects at the office etc) but knowing I had this week off has enabled me to let ideas flow much more easily and I'm excited to do these shoots and create something special and actually be able to give them the time they deserve.

 How are you all feeling about Spring?? I'm hoping to come back from this week off feeling much more energised and excited about everything I want to accomplish before the end of the year!
Have a wonderful Friday, enjoy your weekend and I will be back with some pretty Spring photoshoots as soon as I can!
xo K

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