Tuesday, October 23

Just Dropping In...

...to say hello!
Things are mad and crazy at the moment, all due to the new business going so well, I even have a little ad up with the lovely Kiwi blog 'Made From Scratch' and have been attracting a lot of word of mouth business from my clients too which is really the best compliment I could get!
The weather here at the moment is pretty wet and windy with a few nice sunny days thrown in the mix, not the best for arranging outdoor photo sessions but I squeezed one in last Sunday evening with one of my lovely maternity clients. We had such a lovely session at the beach.
I posted a sneak peek on my Facebook page the other day but here are a few from the shoot in case you haven't seen them...

Such a beautiful Mum-to-be and I loved the sun-hat!
This weekend I had a Family session and a Newborn session, they both went really well, more from those over on the Facebook page and hopefully up on my website blog and portfolio when I have a bit more time!
The photography business is really taking up most of my spare moments, even when I have just one shoot a week I have to edit the images most nights after work. So it's lots of late nights and trying not to wake my husband up who leaves for work before 7am - luckily he hasn't complained...yet! ;)
But it's all good, November is looking busy and I even have my first bookings for December and January. It's definitely going to be a juggling act so hopefully next year I am busy enough to cut back on my office hours, we'll see...
Anyway, I hope you are all well, I will try and check in with your blogs and say hello soon!
xo K


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