Friday, March 30

Photography Friday: Musings

So today is Photography Friday and it's usually where I share tips and tricks and any recent photoshoots but since the past two weekends have been either too busy or too rainy to take any photo's, today is another slightly random post, although it is still photography related and there are a couple of my beachy photos thrown in the mix too, I can't totally let you down! ;)
Mission Bay at low tide in Auckland City

I'm actually just about dying for it will stop raining long enough for me to take some more shots! I have a cool idea for a photoshoot at a local park amongst all the Autumn colour and I've been asked by my boss (eek!) if I would take some shots  of her and her young daughter...better not mess those up! Luckily my boss is more of friend and mentor  than a scary BOSS so I'd love to create some great memories for her family, but the pressure is still on, because I'm pretty hard on myself!

It's been really quite amazing what happens when people hear that you're into photography or somehow come across your photo's on facebook or through a link someone's sent them and I have to say it's been really cool! I've even been offered payment for a couple of shoots and it just seems so crazy since I'm still so new to photography!

That little strip of land in the distance is Rangitoto Island, it's a volcano that erupted quite violently a very long time ago, I don't think it's due for another eruption anytime soon, but I always think about it when I see it! 

I do feel nervous about accepting paid jobs right now because if people are paying me I feel like they have certain expectations that I may or may not be able to meet. I certainly don't expect payment from family and friends and until I am more experienced I don't know if getting paid by anyone is the right thing to do and if it is I have no idea how much people would want to pay and they're asking me what I charge!

Has anyone else been in this situation or even something  remotely similar? If you have a view on this at all, I'd love to hear it! Email me if you'd rather not write a comment, my address is on my About Me page.

Ugh, I'm just so happy it's Friday so I can quit thinking and just relax! I'm being whisked off to  a romantic dinner on Saturday night, hubby and I are going to one of our favourite local restaurants and I also really want to go and watch 'The Hunger Games' at the cinema at some point this weekend too, has anyone seen it yet? Any good??

Saturday night will be dinner here at Windross House right next
to our fave local beach, I wrote a post about the beach here, it's gorgeous! :)
Okay, I'm signing off, have a great weekend girls! I'll be back next week hopefully after having taken some kind of photos, I'm getting withdrawal from my camera and Photoshop haha, don't forget to enter my digital scrapbooking and photo album Giveaway, entries are open to all countries until next Tuesday when the lucky winner will be drawn!

Talk to you all soon...

xo K

Thursday, March 29

Soothing Neutrals

This week it's really starting to feel like Autumn here in NZ, we've had some quite chilly nights and mornings already, so I'm craving soothing and cosy neutrals! And there's just something about the combination of white with restful shades of grey or tan that makes me think of the coast! Here are some of my favourite neutral images for your Thursday...

xo K

Images via Pinterest & Tumblr

Wednesday, March 28

My Memories GIVEAWAY

Good morning girls, I have a fun Giveaway to announce today!!

The fine folk at My Memories recently offered me the privilege of reviewing their digital scrap booking and photo album software and the chance to give away a copy to one of my lovely readers, so of course I said yes! I appreciate you all so much so this is a nice way to be able to give a little something back.

I had a lot of fun navigating around the My Memories creative suite this past week and I want to explain to you what this great software can do, as well as show you a few fun things I created using it, I think you're going to love it (especially those of you with little ones, they'll love using this too)!

The My Memories software allows you to put together professional looking scrapbooks, cards, videos and photo albums that are fully printable - or you can just save the images as jpegs to show off to family and friends!

The software is super user friendly and lots of fun, you can choose from a huge range of pre-made templates with all kinds of themes or you can create your own from scratch!

Check out this album I whipped up in about 10 minutes using one of the cute baby-themed templates which I then customised by adding purple text, flowers and ribbon graphics. This would look so neat printed out as a hardcover coffee table photo book...

You can also choose one of the more clean and simple templates and pick everything from photo layouts, background colours/textures and any text/animations/images you might want to add! I made this beachy themed scrapbook from scratch...

So, would you like to get your hands on a copy?!

To be in with a chance to win the My Memories Digital Suite you must be a follower of Coral and Coast (via Google Friend Connect, Linky Followers or Facebook) and you will need to visit the My Memories website and then leave me a comment here telling me the name of one of the best selling digital scrap booking kits that are currently available on the home page!
But that's not all - if you miss out on winning the Giveaway (drawn next Tuesday) and really want your own copy of the software I have my own promotional code you can use at checkout in their online store! It gives you a $10 discount off the software and a further $10 off any additional items you might want to buy, how cool is that?!

The code you'll need to enter at check out is: STMMMS840

Good luck girls, don't forget to leave a comment, the lucky winner will be drawn randomly next Tuesday!

xo K

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Tuesday, March 27

Nantucket Cottage

How unique and adorable is the interior of this seaside cottage in beautiful Nantucket?!The whimsical pastel blues and greens mixed with deep burnt umber shades is just so fun and cheery! Take a look and see what you think...

It's nice to see that your coastal home doesn't need to be cookie cutter by any means and how amazing is the owner's choice in lighting?! Very cool!

Have a great Tuesday, I have a really fun GIVEAWAY to share with you all tomorrow and I can't wait!

xo K

Monday, March 26

Summer Beauty Favourites

Happy Monday everyone, I hope your weekend was a good one! I was finally feeling much better after having that awful head cold/flu thing the other week so I hit the shops HARD on Saturday and bought myself some new season threads!

I'll have to play model with my hubby soon and show you all the cute stuff I found...I actually blew the budget a little so will be going back for the rest of my wish list next payday, I still need to find boots and some other bits and bobs, but I love what I found so far and it's so much fun to feel semi-fashionable again! Sometimes home renovations take over don't they?!

Anyway, since Summer here has just ended and the rest of the world is heading towards it, I thought I'd share my beauty essentials for Summer, the things that I use year after year. My hubby took the shot below of my typical summer look with my faves; I like minimal make up and natural hair (I'm actually very lazy with styling my hair) so if this is your preferred kind of no-fuss beauty look then read on...

Lip Care:

1. Lucas's Paw Paw Ointment (protects and heals everything and a cult favourite with many models!)
2. Blistex Lip Conditioning Balm (a drugstore/supermarket buy that works)
3. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm - Hibiscus (great for lip care with a burst of summer colour)

Lip Colour:
I rarely wear lipstick, so a pigmented lip gloss usually gives enough colour for me and my favourite shade for summer is 'Tangerine' by Bloom Cosmetics, it smells just like vanilla! Yum!
Bloom gloss in Tangerine
A close second and a colour that's great when I have a tan is 'Pink Lemonade' Lip Glass by MAC.

My fave fragrance this Summer is Ralph Lauren Romance, it's light, delicate and floral, summer in a bottle!  

I love shopping for cosmetics as much as the next girl and I have way too many MAC eye palettes and things but I tend to stick with these staples for everyday...

Base - I really like L'Oreal True Match foundation, I've tried high end brands and everything in between and this one is light and natural-looking on me and doesn't clog my pores so it gets top marks! I love Clarins foundations too but they are really $$$ here!

Blush - I can't go a day without a touch of blush for freshness and my all time favourite blush is Nars 'Orgasm' (I think one is on everyone's radar, it's been a bestseller for years and is a light coral-pink with shimmer, universally flattering!)
Nars Blush
Eyes - I usually just used mascara on my eyes, no eyeshadow or eyeliner (if I use liner I go with Rimmel's Sable Brown kohl liner) and my top pick for mascara is Maybelline Volum' Express Mascara in Very Black it's my fave for really luscious lashes!

For gorgeous Summer digits you can't beat a vibrant and fun coral, I love OPI My Chihuahua Bites.

OPI 'My Chihuahua Bites' on the right
I almost never have leave in products on my hair. My hair is baby-fine so most things weigh it down and just make it look dirty, not a good look! But I do like to keep brassiness away with L'Oreal serie expert 'Silver' shampoo (which is deep purple in colour to counteract gold tones in blondes) then I condition with every blonde's best friend John Frieda's Sheer Blonde Daily Conditioner with Highlight Enhancers.

Between the two of them my hair stays creamy blonde and reasonably healthy despite the bi-monthly highlighting!

I love body butters, scrubs and all those pampering things that smell divine! This year I was all over The Body Shop's Body Butter in Strawberry. This is super moisturising and non-irritating on me. Don't you love those body butters!? So yummy!

I'm a fair skinned girl and a natural blonde so that combination is never going to equal a killer natural tan! So when I want to get my glow on and I have no tropical holiday planned to do the job for me, I love St Tropez's Tanning Mousse. It's certainly not cheap but gives a really believable colour! I tanned with it two days before my wedding and even the makeup artist didn't know it was a fake! No orange tones at all, so it's a winner!

So, now it's your turn! What are your Summer beauty favourites? Do you stick with the tried and tested or can you not resist the new, shiny things on the shelves each year?? Love to hear you top picks!

xo K

Friday, March 23

Photography Friday: A Gift

How do you begin to thank the person who introduces you to one of the things you end up loving most in the world? For me and my endless and often wild imagination to be able to to photograph the people, places and things I love and be able to show anyone who cares to look, how I see the world in a way that is so uniquely me is such an amazing gift I don't think I could ever take for granted...

Thank you to my amazing husband (he really is amazing, there are no words!) for supporting me and somehow having faith in all my insanely spontaneous decisions (like  going out spending money on an SLR camera I had no idea how to use!) and for having the patience to show me and my photographically inclined reader's how to capture what we see through a lens!

I don't know about you all but I have a new love in my life that I never knew thank you hubby...your encouragement and support is everything and then there's this...
I found this quote recently and I really connected with it, my imagination always brings me right back to my childhood and connects me to a deeper part of myself that just makes me happy...

And as I was going through my photo's the other day and editing a few that I hadn't gotten around to before, messing around with colours and effects (I used a fun Vintage action on all the shots in this post) I realised that I was just so darn happy doing it...

I love that a sea bird flew overhead in that first shot, it's not a blooper to me, it looks like freedom...

Just how great are those cliffs at Karioitahi?! So cool...

I love this one because that smile is so authentically 'her'...

Do you have something creative in your life that just makes you happy, no rhyme or reason to it? Maybe painting or writing?? 

Or someone who is your biggest cheerleader even when you think there are a million reasons why you might fail? I really hope that you do! :)

Have a beautiful Friday!!

xo K

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