Wednesday, May 30

Decisions and Photoshoot Part 2

Hi girls, happy Wednesday and thanks so much for the love on my latest photo session, I really appreciate it!

I have a few more images to share today but first I wanted to say woohoo, this little blog hit 200 Google followers the other day, what a great milestone! I appreciate every last one of you and love the community we have in the blogosphere, so thank you so much for being a part of my journey, wherever it might take me in the future.

I was thinking things through the other day and I'm just so glad I started this blog and so glad I wanted to take better photos to share with you all here, because without those decisions I wouldn't be where I am right now, with a possible career change sometime in the future! Amazing, exciting and unreal!

So without further ado here are more favourite images from my latest Autumn session, we even got to make use of the tunnel hubby and I checked out last week and it was as cool as I thought it would be! I'll be using this location again and again...

Love these ones in the tunnel, great light!!

Ah, those cuties with their supermodel poses hehe.
Such a great session, these two were just so much fun! It was definitely a session where I could of just kept shooting! With Winter almost here I'm not planning on many sessions now till the Spring, I have booked in a couple of jobs in the next couple of months, a maternity shoot and a Birthday session and will play the rest by ear.

I'm working on a few things behind the scenes in the meantime...I'm thinking (and thinking...) about a website design and blog for my photography business (which will be part time for the foreseeable future), business cards, a business plan, pricing, any equipment I'll need (a proper computer for editing is pretty much essential so it looks like I'll be ditching the laptop and saving up for an iMac!) and all the other things I need to do to be a legitimate tax paying business, eek!

On top of all that I'm still making mistakes and learning a lot every single time I do a shoot and I'm reading my way through photography forums, websites and books - so there is a ton to be done this Winter in my down time but I'm really thrilled to be able to do this, I really want to make it work, it's not going to be easy but I think it will be worth it.

Have any of you ever suddenly changed the course of your life or career? Taken a leap of faith? I'd love to hear it if you have! I get so daunted sometimes and then other times like right after an awesome photo session I think this is it - just do it!

Thanks so much for all your support, talk soon...

xo K

Monday, May 28

Weekend Happiness Is...

...a swing hanging from a bare, wintry tree, piles of beautiful autumn leaves to play in and someone you love to share it with!

My photo shoot this weekend at a local park was such a success! We had so much fun and I can't wait to share some more of my favourite images later in the week.

The two older girls are my sister in law's nieces and seriously they could be child models and weren't their cute Autumn outfits just divine! It was an absolute pleasure hanging out with them and capturing them in action (and there was a LOT of action, 5 and 7 year olds have soo much energy, I had forgotten what I was like at that age!) so here are some favourites from the beginning of the session, the girls were full of high spirits and headed straight for the swings...

Playing in the leaves...the colours were just amazing!

I couldn't resist taking this shot of my niece, how cute!! 


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I'll be back to share some more images from this Autumn session later in the week.

Chat soon...

Friday, May 25

Blue and White

Just a little relaxing blue and white to take us into the weekend and all I can say is thank god it's Friday!!

The weather is looking pretty good for the weekend here so I'm hoping to practise some of the photography skills I've been trying to cram into my head every spare second I get! It's insane how much you have to remember and take into account in a photo session so consider me overwhelmed...and kinda excited to give some new things a crack! Ooh and my new lens, I can't forget about that little guy! :)

Enjoy the weekend girls, I hope you get some sunshine and if not here's a little blue and white loveliness to brighten your day coastal style...

xo K

Wednesday, May 23

The Lovely Miss Doutzen

So you all know I love photography and you might know (if you've been around here awhile) that I had four years working in fashion in my student days, so while I'm nowhere near as into the whole fashion thing as I once was, I still love flipping through the pages of the latest Harpers or Vogue to catch up on just what is in fashion these days!

Despite getting hooked on the occassional passing trend, I'm someone who loves the classics in fashion and beauty and if there is one model of the moment that epitomises this aesthetic in her work, it would have to be Dutch supermodel, Doutzen Kroes. She's aligned with some of my favourite brands and has the kind of fresh, natural beauty that's never out of style. Take a look...

I'm in love with her Tiffany's campaigns, so gorgeous...

Do you have a favourite model of the moment? I know you Aussies love your girl Miranda Kerr, another natural, radiant beauty!

Have yourselves a beautiful Wednesday!

xo K

Monday, May 21

Lazy Weekend

Happy Monday! Did you all have a lovely weekend? I can't believe it's over again for another week, just when I was starting to enjoy it! ;)

The hubby and I needed a quiet one so we did as little as possible this weekend. We cleaned the house, did the shopping for the week, cooked up a storm, drank some exceptionally good NZ merlot and I pottered about with my camera, of course!

On Saturday we went out very briefly into the cold, miserable, stay-at-home weather and I bought a new zoom lens for my DSLR since it got a bit exhausting shooting with a prime lens all the time (prime lenses don't 'zoom' so when you want to get closer to your subject you have to physically walk closer) so while the prime lens I was using was very sharp and I did really like it, I thought a zoom lens would give me more speed and variety when photographing fast moving children and families!

My old prime lens (which is the Canon 50mm 1.8) will definitely still come out to play when I'm photographing wee babies and in  really low light situations but I really love my new 17-50mm 2.8 lens and how wide my shots can get indoors, it's crazy to me now that I can get entire rooms in one shot at 17mm!

So, here are some photos I took this weekend as I'm getting used to my new lens. It's weird having the 'zoom' feature back, I keep forgetting I can do that and walk closer instead...

Pretty flowers always make me happy and it was nice to have sunshine on Sunday streaming through the windows and on the front deck for the dogs to sunbathe in...

We went out for a little walk late on Sunday while the slow-cooker was making us dinner and we headed to a local park. I have a photo session planned for next weekend - if the weather decides to play ball - so I needed to scout out a possible new location and I think this might be it... wasn't too busy in the afternoon and there are a variety of great photo spots. It had this tunnel under the road too which looked pretty cool to me, very urban!  

It was very spur of the moment but my hubby reluctantly modelled for me in the tunnel so I could test the light, I just let him do his thing while I messed around with the settings on my camera and he did pretty well huh?! I'm thinking this old tunnel will be a great backdrop for photographing fashion...and guys of course...

It's all so grungy and fabulous! Thank you hubby for getting in there and being my test-model, you rock!

So, what did you all get up to this weekend??

xo K

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